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After meeting in 2016 through similar fitness interests, we became each other's biggest fans and support systems. We bonded over our love of health and wellness and together yearned to learn more about what makes us feel whole.

We created The Wellness Flow to help people everywhere connect more deeply with their bodies while finding a like-minded community of fitness lovers. Our hope is that you leave each class feeling inspired, moved and powerful. Are you ready for more? Let’s move!



Brielle & Kendall


Hi, I'm Brielle

Hi! I'm Brielle. My wellness journey began at fifteen. After years of suffering from chronic sinus infections and colds, I was ready to change my health story. I started to eat a whole foods diet and found that exercise and alternative methods of wellness made me feel powerful and strong. At this time, I learned that health is a privilege and not a right. 

Fast-forward, after working several years at one of the premier Silicon Valley start-ups, Square, I decided that I wanted to share this feeling of empowerment with my coworkers. I became a Certified Yoga Instructor and Psychology of Eating Coach and worked to create an in-house space for my fellow employees to have access to a number of wellness experts, fitness classes and resources. 

I believe the world changes when we work on ourselves, when we slow down, when we move and when we breathe. I continue to teach this insight at a number of private clubs and retreats in Silicon Valley where I encourage women (and men!) to be the best version of themselves through mindful movement. My classes aim to inspire grace and ease while building strength, balance, and flexibility in both the mind and body. Life mirrors our practice on the mat; find what movement sets your soul on fire and celebrate it!


Hi, I'm Kendall

I began my career working for a marketing and public relations firm in San Francisco and New York City. After developing an unhealthy lifestyle complete with stress, lack-of nutrition and an embarrassingly large food delivery bill, I decided the 9-to-5 life wasn’t for me. I worked up the courage to say “ta-ta-for-now” and pursue a career in movement, getting certified in both Pilates and Barre. This new lifestyle ignited my passion for health and wellness. I became a self-proclaimed foodie and workout aficionado.

It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my daughter that I took a deeper dive into the world of women’s health. I quickly realized the multitude of unanswered questions and mazes we have to dig through to get simple answers about our incredible bodies. It was then I decided I wanted in on the growing community of support for the female form while helping create an informed space for us to practice.

I’m classically trained in Pilates at the Center for Movement institute in New York City. My skill set includes 400+ hours of training on all Pilates apparatuses as well as a separate education in barre fitness. Since then, I’ve taught both private appointments and classes at Equinox, Facebook and Google. My motto: "find what you love to do, and do it often!".


Do Good. Feel Good.

We want to continue to do our part to build a better tomorrow. Beginning in 2022, we will offer twice weekly donation-based classes *LIVE* on our Instagram where your contributions will go towards meaningful causes like Black Mamas Matter and Every Mother Counts

At The Wellness Flow, we believe you feel good when you DO good and are committed to helping causes that inspire change and spread equal opportunity!

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