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You Don't Have to Do It All Alone. Learn To Ask For Help

The world has never been as interdependent as it is today. This is because of the fact that human beings in the modern era have realized that if they want to succeed as one race they have to work together. Whether it is an individual or an entire state, everyone needs help and support at some moment in time. Every Sherlock has a Dr. Watson and every superhero has a sidekick. So if you think you can succeed in your ambitions all alone, think again! You need to realize and accept that it is not bad to ask for help. So you should learn to ask for help and you should never shy away from it.

Why Asking For Help Is Important

Helping each other cannot only make you feel good, it can also help to improve your relationship with each other. This is called the Benjamin Franklin effect. The Benjamin Franklin effect refers to a mental stigma that makes people like someone more than they did just because the other person did something for them. Asking for help doesn’t mean that you are weak. A CEO always needs competitive and skillful people working underneath him/her. That does not make the CEO any weaker. In fact, when you ask someone for help, it shows that you are sensible enough to judge that they are the best person to ask for help in that particular task. We are living in a fast-moving world, and certain consequences may cause you to get busy and make it completely impossible for you to focus on the task at hand.

Healthy Relationships Demand Help and Support

Healthy relationships are all about helping and supporting each other in all aspects of life. However, your past experiences may shape up your personality and you might feel that if you ask someone for help then it gives them a chance to manipulate you. This is not at all true. The thing about manipulation comes from past experiences and it relates to the other person and not the ‘help’ itself. If the other person is manipulative then they will always manipulate no matter if they helped you or not. So you shouldn’t stop asking for help just because you feel that you will be manipulated. If you are in a healthy relationship then you would know that supporting each other isn’t just important it is a necessary part of the relationship.

Don’t Let the ‘Helping’ Chain Stop

If you have asked someone for help then you should also be ready to help them in return as well. You should also be ready to help anyone who asks for help. Don’t let the chain stop. If someone helps you, you can help other people and they can further help other people. So this can create an amazing chain of generous support and help.

Klaver’s 7 Step Approach to Asking for Help

M. Nora Klaver is a famed author who has authored multiple books on helping others. She has introduced a 7 step approach to asking for help.

1. Name The Need- Identify your need for help and think about it in detail. Your first guess may not be the right one so give it great and detailed thought.