10-Day Boot(y)camp

New to The Wellness Flow? Or just need a little bit extra motivation? We've compiled a list of a few of our favorite videos for you to follow hour-by-hour, day-by-day to help you get back on the workout track.

Day 1:

AM: Abs and Booty Burn (15 min)

LUNCH: 30-min of movement *outdoor walk, run, jump-rope, stationary bike, HIIT workout in room*

PM: Yoga for Better Sleep (8 min)

Day 2:

AM: Balancing Yoga Flow (29 min)

LUNCH: 20-min of movement*

PM:Standing Shoulder, Neck + Chest Opener (8 min)

Day 3:

AM: Total Pilates Strengthening (33 min)

LUNCH: 30-min cardio

PM: Foam-roller Hip Opener (9 min)

Day 4/OFF:

AM: Foam Roller Hip Opener and Hamstring Stretch (9 min)