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How to Successfully Create an At-Home Workout Schedule

Working out from home is likely your new routine. It can feel foreign initially and perhaps not as efficient as your typical sweat session at the gym. Fear not - there is PLENTY you can do at home to get your heart pumping, pores sweating and muscles fatigued.

Below are some suggestions on how to get started:

1. Schedule a time to workout. This might sound crazy especially if you have more time on your hands right now. But we mean it! Schedule a time to workout just like you would if you were planning to go to a class. The days can get away from us, especially if we're dealing with working from home, endless calls/meetings or simply trying to entertain your kids. By blocking out time on your calendar, you'll hold yourself accountable to move.

2. Create a workout space. Clear a space in your home or outside (if you're lucky enough to enjoy some outdoor area) that is reserved for you to move your body. Maybe it's just a water bottle and a towel on the floor, but make it a space where there's little distraction and you can enjoy your time.

3. Workout with your favorite instructors. One of the greatest things to come of this "shelter in place" is that there is SO much workout content online. Opt to follow some of your favorite teachers via social media or through their email newsletters to see if/when they're offering classes. Chances are - they are! Simply mark off your calendar to coordinate the time, turn your phone on "do not disturb" and get to work. Good teachers will get you working with little to no-props, so don't worry about what you lack in your at-home gym.

And remember, if your day doesn't allow for workouts to be scheduled on the nose, try The Wellness Flow and workout with us any minute of the hour you want! Remember this is ultimately about carving out time for you!

4. Put on your workout clothes. This truly helps. When you feel like you’re ready to workout, it signals to the brain and body this is what you are committed to.

5. Find a workout partner. Find a buddy and tune into your workouts together. Compare thoughts, results or stats (Peloton has an option to invite and actually RACE your friends!) or just give each other that extra motivation to get moving! And, if you’re working out with us, we would love to see your posts! Tag us @thewellness_flow #movewithus

See you on the mat!

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