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Our Favorite Pilates and Yoga Props

While we encourage you to #movewithus anytime, anywhere - sometimes it's nice to have some props handy! Below are a list of a few of our favorites.

Pilates Props

Pilates Ring - Strengthen the inner, outer-thighs, arms and core - all while improving your posture! The Magic Circle, as it's referred to in the Pilate community, is a staple in this low-impact workout that will certainly test your will-power!

Pilates Ball - Another important prop in Pilates: the infamous exercise ball. It's about the size of a playground ball, soft and should be slight deflated for maximum benefits.

Weights - We all can attest that while small in number, these hand-weights are mighty. You'll feel a burn in your shoulders in no time! Note: we recommend anywhere from 2 - 5lb weights.

Ankle/Wrist Weights - These are great to slide on while you're heading out for a walk or when you want a little extra "umph" in your booty workouts.

Foam Roller - There are so many great core exercises you can do with the foam roller. When you are done, you can also stretch out with the roller.

Yoga Props

Cork Blocks - Cork blocks are great for deepening poses and/or supporting poses so you can focus on proper posture. Ideally 2 blocks.

Jade Yoga Mat - There are lots of different types of mats that are different weights and textures, this one is light, easy to carry, and provides a strong grip for hands and feet. 

Yoga Strap - Straps are helpful to increase range of motion and to deepen poses.

Bolster - There are several restorative poses that can be done on a bolster. This bolster maintains its shape and form. 

Blanket - It is common to use a heavy blanket to support your knees. You may already have a blanket around the house that will work just fine!

Sand Bag - The sandbag offers additional stretching and it can be used as a weight on the body to help relax shoulders and chest.

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