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Stretches to do while Traveling

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

These five exercises will take care of your whole body whether you're at home or on the road!

  1. Outer Hip Stretch and spine extension - Place hands on the bed coming to a 90 degrees with the whole body. Place your feet directly underneath the hips and begin to march out the legs.

  2. Low Lunge - Legs are at 90 degree angles and bent knee is directly on top of ankle. Push the front foot and back shin down into the ground. When foundation is strong, raise the arms (shoulders stay down).

  3. Piriformis Stretch - Lie on back, place one calf across opposite thigh for a figure four stretch. Energetically reach the bent knee away from body or use hands to rotate the inner thigh out. Option to interlace hands behind opposite thigh for a deeper stretch.

  4. Chest and Shoulder Opener - Lie on side, stack arms directly out in front in line with shoulders, stack the hips and bend the knees. Reach the top arm up and over drawing an arch overhead. Finishing in a T position, bring the top arm back overhead. Hips will slightly roll back to open the chest.

  5. Hamstring Stretch - Lie on back, use a bathroom towel as a strap. Place the towel around the ball of the foot. Walk your hands up the towel, keep shoulders pulled away from ears. Option to bend and extend the leg.

Hold each pose f0r 5-8 deep and slow breathes.

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