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Together We Stand - Taking Action

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

We created The Wellness Flow as a place where people could move together. Inclusivity is a major focus of our platform, so it goes without saying that we unequivocally stand with the black community now and forever. We recognize the years of injustice and systemic oppression that have been bestowed upon them and the ways we've, maybe unknowingly, contributed to these issues.

We want to do better. We want to change. We want to help the world heal and help the Black voices be heard. Below we’ve listed ways we're giving back, helping the community, unlearning and learning. It's an ongoing process - and know that we're committed to it full-time!

Educating Yourself:

Many sites have made it easy for you to learn how to be anti-racist. A number have compiled lists of what you should be reading, watching, and listening to.

Here are a few.

Support Black Businesses:

Seek out Black-owned businesses when making your everyday purchases.

  • Vogue made a great list of beauty products and brands we truly love.

  • Bon Appetit has an ongoing list of black-owned restaurants in just about every city you can think of.

  • Before you type in - consider shopping at your local book retailer for your next read. Check out this list here.

  • Conscious Life and Style has listed 70+ Black-Owned Eco & Ethical Fashion, Home, And Beauty Brands here. Another great list of resources for Home can be found here.


We’ve aligned with Black Mamas Matter - an organization working to improve maternal healthcare in the Black Community. Learn more about our efforts here.

And if you want more suggestions - NY Mag listed 115 charities that make it easy to donate to the Black Lives Matter movement directly.

Together we can make a difference!

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