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Working From Home? Ways to Combat Isolation and Maintain Your Health

You might find yourself working from home this week (and next) as a result of Coronavirus. This may be a new experience for you and it can be puzzling on how to make the best use of your time. As individuals who've transitioned from corporate life to working remotely (and most recently starting an online business!) - we get it. It is hard to know how to optimize your day with so many distractions.

For starters, let's talk about self-care and prioritizing YOU. (After all, this is why many companies are choosing for employees to self-quarantine!)

Set Your Alarm and Start Your Day

Beginning your morning with the same intention you normally start your workday with will help set the tone for the day. Set your alarm. Shower, get dressed and follow the same routine you normally would. Maintaining a routine is key for keeping sane!

Some of our favorite morning routines that are particularly perfect in the current climate include:

  • Drinking warm water with lemon and/ginger. Warm water will boost your immune system and is effective for all viruses. Avoid drinking cold water with ice.

  • Meditating to calm the central nervous system. Check out the apps Headspace or Calm. Whether it's five minutes or 20, your brain will thank you!

  • Try journaling. Get any fears or worries out of your mind and onto paper. You'll feel an immediate sense of release and relief.

Keep Your Mind Busy

As they say "an idle mind is the devil's playground" - so opt to keep that brain preoccupied! This will lessen the worry and hopefully help keep anxiety at bay.

  • Pick up a new book! Try setting aside 30 minutes to dive into a new book or perhaps one of your favorite old ones.

  • Not much of a reader? How about downloading a book from Audible or opting to listen to a podcast. Schedule a set amount of time on your calendar like you would a meeting and listen away.

Nourish, Nourish, Nourish!

Let's not forget our body needs some attention too! Nourish the body through food, water, and movement and you'll immediately notice a positive affect.

  • Increase your endorphins and boost your mood by exercising 20-30 minutes daily. We are offering 14 days free when you sign-up today. #movewithus

  • Hydrate! Can't emphasize this enough. Drink lots of water. Add electrolytes (i.e. a pinch of salt, Pedialyte) for optimal absorption.

  • Get vitamin D either by going outside and soaking up the sun or take a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D reduces your likelihood of getting the flu (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition) and reduces depression.

Reach Out to Your Community

As humans, we crave connection - which is especially important to keep in mind in times of isolation.

  • Call your social support systems. Call your mom, dad and/or friends. Daily! Reach out and stay in touch with family and friends. Not only are you helping your loved ones, but you'll see a positive result in your overall feelings as well.

In health,

Brielle & Kendall

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