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Feel Good Activities During Quarantine

During this unique and isolating time, it is so important to take care of you and all of you. Not only your physical health, but your mental and emotional health as well. Below are few ways to take care of your minds and bodies. We would love to hear what activities have been healing and nourishing for you. Share your recommendations in the comments below!


Reading helps transport us to a different place and time - which is invaluable when you're stuck inside. Books we're currently reading in Quarantine include:

- The Book of Joy (Self-Help)

- The Accidental Empress (Historical Fiction)

- The Woman in the Window (Thriller)

- Daisy and The Six (Historical Fiction)

- Ninety-Nine Glimpses at Princess Margaret (Historical, Biography)

- Over the Top (Comedy, Biography)


Puzzles help us focus the mind on a single activity (aka you get to spend more time NOT THINKING ABOUT THE PANDEMIC). Plus, puzzles are great for improving short-term memory and improves mental processes/speed.


Podcasts offer so much food for thought. This is a great activity to stimulate the brain. Our favorites include:

- The Daily (NY Times daily take on developing news stories, when you feel you can stomach them)

- Bitch Sesh (If you're a housewife fan, or just miss talking to your friends in general - you'll love these gossipy gals)

- Throwing Shade (Self-proclaimed "homosensual" and "feminasty" podcasters give you hard news in a light, funny fashion)

- Super Soul Sunday (Oprah, need we say more?)

-Goop (Gwyneth chats with thinkers, culture changers, and industry disruptors who are shifting mindsets around the world)


Fresh air and movement always support mental and physical health. When on your walk, avoid the urge to check your phone and instead take in your surroundings.

Movies + Shows

Finally you have the excuse to catch-up on all of the movies and shoes you've saved for a rainy day. The lists are endless, but we've been binge-ing the following: Emma, Second Hand Lion, The Tiger King, re-runs of The Office and Little Fires Everywhere.


Being in nature is a reminder that life has not stopped. Trees and flowers are blossoming and growing. Getting your hands in the dirt will help you feel connected to Mother Earth -and remind you that you are not alone!


Cooking finally feels less like a chore and more of a, dare we say, hobby? We've been opting to pick fun themes and recipes that may not usually make our weekly round-up. Instead of basic steak and potatoes, try enchiladas with homemade green sauce. Or opt for this chickpea stew with coconut curry and turmeric from the foodies at The New York Times.


We always recommend having a journal handy, and this time is NO exception. Journals are a safe place to release any and all feelings, fears, concerns etc. It is important to release these emotions so they do not run our behaviors.

Social Check-ins

We've set-up weekly game nights with family and costume-themed happy-hours (think 80's, or favorite reality-show characters!) with friends to keep our social itch scratched. It's important to maintain and foster your relationship because it ultimately serves your sanity!

Calendar Your Workouts

- Block out time in your calendar for movement. Whether it's a 10-min morning stretch you do in the day, or an hour run you opt-in at lunch-time. It will help give yourself some structure while also giving your body the chance to fight off fatigue, stress, and stiffness. We drafted an article for you on how to successfully create an at-home workout schedule.

- Follow your favorite teachers (maybe they're us?!) and check when they've scheduled classes online or via social media. There are so many ways to get moving and be inspired by those around you!

- Or opt to sign-up for The Wellness Flow and schedule your workout at anytime!

Remember, there is no wrong way to feel during this time. Instead, embrace the emotion, honor it and pick one of these activities to keep you going!

What activities are you finding as healing during this time?

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