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Feel Good Activities During Quarantine

During this unique and isolating time, it is so important to take care of you and all of you. Not only your physical health, but your mental and emotional health as well. Below are few ways to take care of your minds and bodies. We would love to hear what activities have been healing and nourishing for you. Share your recommendations in the comments below!


Reading helps transport us to a different place and time - which is invaluable when you're stuck inside. Books we're currently reading in Quarantine include:

- The Book of Joy (Self-Help)

- The Accidental Empress (Historical Fiction)

- The Woman in the Window (Thriller)

- Daisy and The Six (Historical Fiction)

- Ninety-Nine Glimpses at Princess Margaret (Historical, Biography)

- Over the Top (Comedy, Biography)


Puzzles help us focus the mind on a single activity (aka you get to spend more time NOT THINKING ABOUT THE PANDEMIC). Plus, puzzles are great for improving short-term memory and improves mental processes/speed.