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How to Create a Functional Workout Space in Your Home

At-home workouts are here to stay. So what time than RIGHT NOW to properly set-up a functional workout space in your home.

Benefits of at-home gyms? You can ditch the expensive gym membership. Diverse your workouts. And save on travel time! It’s a win-win.

Creating a dedicated space is more than pushing the sofa out of the way. You want a space you find peace in, you seek-out and enjoy! The key is to take away any/all distractions - even seeing the smallest mess on the floor will pull you out of your workout. Remember: space should inspire you to move.

  1. A space in a relatively clutter-free room, bonus if it includes an outside view

  2. Pick your favorite workout accessories ahead of time and place in a basket. This will prevent you from searching for any items you may need - ultimately causing you to procrastinate. Remember - it may just be a mat, towel and water! all (FYI: We’ve jotted down our favorite yoga and Pilates props here.)

  3. Pull in your favorite accessories. Maybe a candle you love, or a blanket you can cozy up to at the end of the workout. This is a space just for you!

  4. And, again, get rid of any clutter that may cause distractions!

Last but not least, we want to encourage you to take time out of your busy day to get moving and create healthy habits! Check out our blog post here for tips to successfully create an at-home workout schedule.

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